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Volunteer Fire Department

Sixteen volunteer firefighters respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7days a week.


Volunteer firefighters fulfill a number of important  duties. Along withputting out structure fires, volunteer firefighters respond to caraccidents, natural disasters and other emergencies. According to theNational Fire Protection Association, in the United States, almost 70percent of all firefighters serve in a volunteer role.


Typically, volunteer firefighters  work in communities with fewerthan 25,000 people, with nearly half serving jurisdictions with fewerthan 2,500 people.


Volunteer firefighters respond to residential, business and otherstructural fires. They work to suppress the fire using a number ofmeans, including laying water lines, putting up ladders, creatingnecessary ventilation and entering the property, if necessary.


Volunteer firefighters respond to other emergency situations, suchas car accidents and natural disasters. Volunteer firefighters rescuevictims and provide first aid, including CPR, mouth-to-mouth breathing and wound care.


In an all-volunteer  fire department, the firefighters are responsible formaintenance and care of the fire vehicles and equipment. Maintenanceduties also extend to the fire station itself; common chores includemowing the grass, attending to the landscaping and cleaning. At a fireor accident, volunteer firefighters work to clean up the scene to preventany additional damage and may have to shovel, sweep or removedebris.


In addition to the drills and responding to calls, HVFD membersalso organize, run, or participate in numerous community events.


We always do our best to uphold the finest standards ofprofessionalism, compassion, and care on every incident we respond to.

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